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Sagmeister & Walsh

Beauty Captured in Fabric: Backhausen at “Beauty” by Sagmeister & Walsh in the Vienna MAK

Are you chromophobe? Or do you love colour? This was the question posed by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh when they opened the Color Room, set up in a creative partnership with Backhausen. The designer duo presented the colourful, flamboyant room in their exhibition “Beauty” at the Vienna MAK.

The internationally renowned design team is making a sensual plea for beauty at the Vienna MAK. Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh have transformed a basement room into a so-called “Color Room”, for which Backhausen created 200 metres of fabric with modern patterns and vibrant colours, featuring 13 designs by the two designers, as one of the focal points of the exhibition. The luxurious, fine textiles give the room an impressive glow, which only reveals its unique aesthetics under the light of a sodium discharger lamp. Visitors to the MAK can experience the power of colour and patterns through the switch from oppressive, uniform grey to illuminating polychrome.

Materials by Backhausen unfold their Beauty

It goes to show: Beautiful interiors and rooms are more than just a matter of good taste. They have an immediate impact and create a noticeably comfortable feeling for those inside them. Experience this for yourself – the wonder of beauty – at the exhibition of the same name by Sagmeister & Walsh. Only until 31st March, 2019!



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