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Milan Fashion Week

Fabric by Backhausen: Arthur Arbesser at Milan Fashion Week

The Viennese designer Arthur Arbesser presents his newest collection for Fall/Winter 2019/20 at Milan Fashion Week. The successful fashion designer trusts Backhausen to custom make his extravagant fabrics.

Striking prints and bold colours dominate his fashion. This year the Milan-based top designer Arthur Arbesser shows again that he has stayed true to his roots. At the Milan Fashion Week he sent his models along the catwalk in the contrasting atmosphere of a climbing hall, dressed in gorgeous jacquard fabrics made at the Backhausen weaving factory in Hoheneich. Pomegranates and lychees combined with delicate stripes adorn the shimmering skirts, blouses and suits that define the Arbesser look for the season.

Arthur Arbesser and his Homage to the Vienna Modern

With this new collection, Arbesser is building on his previously successful partnership with Backhausen. In 2018, he created a capsule collection called ”Arthur Arbesser X Vienna” as part of celebrations commemorating the era of the Vienna Modern for the Viennese tourism agency WienTourismus. The materials for this collection were also manufactured by Backhausen, using original designs from its company archive by Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffmann.

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