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The „Ethno“-Collection: Inspirations from near and far

Blended fabrics of linen, cotton and wool

8 Upholstery Fabrics
1 Drapery Fabric

117 Fabrics in various bright colors

Made in Austria

Ethno, the new fabric collection from Backhausen, transports us on a journey to faraway lands, where colorful abstractions stir reminiscences of heavenly worlds.

Once again, Backhausen has handpicked natural materials such as pure, new wool, cotton, viscose, and linen for its latest collection, all of which have been selected consciously and carefully for their quality and sustainability. This commitment to the finest art of weaving is also intrinsic to the fabric-creation process itself – and the designs pay tribute to regions rich in traditional craftsmanship from around the globe.

The diversity of colors and motifs is encapsulated in textiles such as Maya, Pacha, Kimsa and Tawa, which fire the imagination through their explosive colours and detailed, complex patterns. The warm colour nuances of Millma, Salvador and Santa Fe instantly create an air of calmness and satisfaction, while Sami sets pulses racing with its abstract interplay between lines and spaces.

The Collection Ethno invokes the longing for a new, vivid, colorful attitude to life when looking through the richly colored kaleidoscope it imbues.

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