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Backhausen is synonymous with exciting collaborations and projects. Schönbrunn Palace, the Hofburg Imperial Palace and State Opera House in Vienna are all renowned Austrian landmarks in which Backhausen’s fabrics can be found.

Internationally, Backhausen textiles can be seen in first class hotels, theatres, restaurants, cafes, renowned landmarks and high-end residential projects.

In recent years, famous artists and designers have used the exclusive bespoke service to create custom-made fabrics that meet their specific needs, as well as transport historical patterns and designs, inspired by the most acclaimed and desired decades of the past, into the present.

The company is in partnership with designers from different industries and backgrounds, in addition to providing fabrics for interior upholstery and curtains. The fashion designer, Arthur Arbesser, commissioned Backhausen to produce exquisite jacquard fabrics for two of his collections shown at Milan Fashion Week and the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

Backhausen textiles can also be found in elegant modes of transport, as they are certified for aviation and marine interiors because of their durability and luxuriousness.

Backhausen’s bespoke options also allow designers to express their individuality and creativity by producing project-specific patterns and motifs. For example, Sagmeister & Walsh designed the “Colour Room”, in creative partnership with Backhausen, for their exhibition “Beauty” at the Vienna MAK (Museum of Applied Arts).

In a further example of Backhausen’s versatility and its diverse project collection its textiles are featured on big-screen set designs and decoration. Its influential film portfolio includes the 24th film in the James Bond series: James Bond 007: Spectre (2015) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) by Wes Anderson, a four-time Oscar winning film, one of which was for set design.