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Hoheneich: Weaving with international flair

Internationally renowned fabrics have been woven in Austria’s Upper Waldviertel since 1870. A wealth of tradition and know-how, passed on from generation to generation, intertwine with ultra-modern weaving technology at Hoheneich. Our weaving factory produces high-end quality materials, as well as individual bespoke designs, reliably and efficiently.

Backhausen is very conscious of its responsibilities as a large-scale employer in the Waldviertel textiles region: we stand for regionality, sustainable production methods and the guaranteeing of around 80 jobs in an emerging business location – yesterday and tomorrow.

There is an on-site Design Shop displaying the fabric collections and artistic creations resulting from our partnerships with other traditional firms, as well as the manufacturing plant, which uses ultra-modern, textiles technologies to weave the fabrics of dreams. All of the products on display at the Backhausen Design Shop are available for purchase on-site.


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