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Legal Notice

Information under the E-Commerce Act

Company: Backhausen GmbH
Line of Business: Production of textiles
UID-Nummer: ATU67593357
Registration Number: FB-Nr. 389640a
Commercial Register Court: Regional Court Krems an der Donau
Registered Office: A-3945 Hoheneich 136
Telephone: +43 2852 502
Fax: +43 2852 502 252
Membership of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber: Member of the WKÖ, WKNÖ
State guild of textile industry, 
Federal guild of textile industry
Applicable Law: Professional law: Trade Regulation Law:,
District commision Gmünd
Managing Director: 

Dr. Louise Kiesling
Heidemarie Seidl

Ownership:  Dr. Louise Kiesling

Intellectual Property Rights

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