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Weaving Mill

Backhausen is based on three pillars: perfection, aesthetics and individuality. These pillars account for the company’s extraordinary weaving techniques and its outstanding international story of success – it all began in the northern region of lower Austria - The Waldviertel


The weaving mill, an innovative trend-setter, makes possible the realisation of even the most challenging designs, thus ensuring the high quality and longevity of Backhausen's fabrics, that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.


Having arguably the world’s largest, textile archive, the Backhausen archive, contains over 3,500 original designs from the time of the Jugendstil (art nouveau), the Wiener Werkstätte and twice as many different patterns more. Many of them were milestone creations that inspired generations of designers from all over the world, such as those designed by Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and many more. Until today, this treasure of creative ideas inspires the designers of Backhausen to produce fabrics of the highest standard.


The unique art of weaving, perfectly interacting with modern technologies makes it possible to efficiently execute all design requests; from contract furniture companies to private projects, with a minimum from 50 running metres.




Our creative team of designers works with great enthusiasm on the collections and designs for numerous special orders based on individual customer requests. When selecting the right warps, wefts and colours, our designers focus on international trends and apply them to our customers’ requests. The most important tool is EAT, a design programme for creating top quality fabrics.


Backhausen’s factory is located in Hohenreich in the northern Waldviertel region. Since 1870, our world-famous fabrics have been produced there. Tradition and textile know-how developed in the Waldviertel area, were passed on from generation to generation, and now provides an innovative centre of modern production techniques in Hohenreich. Outstanding digital design techniques combined with high-tech weaving machines produce a high-end quality product.

High technical standards ensure short set-up times. Complex wefts are produced with frequently changing fancy yarns. The usage of rapier weaving machines enables efficient production, starting at 50 running metres onwards.

Special requests are completed promptly, with a delivery time within 6 to 8 weeks. Our highly qualified team operates a modern CAD system, which is perfect, for example, for the production of jacquard fabrics.

The result: timeless beauty of the design combined with functionality and efficiency - high-quality fabrics for contract furniture and private use. Every product has to undergo special tests in our in-house lab before it will be released for production.


We strive to preserve and develop the traditional art of weaving and are committed to the training of hopefully many more generations to come.

Backhausen is dedicated to high quality, durability and sustainability. We make sure that our production processes correspond with current regulations and continuously develop new strategies to make production as efficient as possible. We produce, among other things, 100 % recyclable fabrics and avoid using ecologically harmful substances.